War Black Diamond

The Leggera Diamond Sneakers are a real fashion jewel, ready to change the way you do rotations and make your style shine like never before.
These sneakers have a lightweight model that makes them comfortable and practical to wear on any occasion. The loop for easy slipping on makes them quick to put on, while the sock effect at the ankle ensures a snug and comfortable fit.

What makes these sneakers really special is the glittery model. Sparkling stones, like black diamonds, add a touch of glamor and originality to your look. This detail makes these sneakers unique and innovative, ready to capture attention and let your style shine.

The black molded high sole not only offers a contemporary design, but also a high level of durability, ensuring these sneakers are ready for any challenge.

As for care, simply wipe these sneakers with a damp cloth or sponge to keep them in great condition.

Details of these sneakers include a 100% fabric interior and a 100% rubber outsole, ensuring quality and durability.

The Leggera Diamond Sneakers are the ideal choice for those looking for extraordinary style and a touch of luxury in fashion. Whether you wear them for a special outing or for a touch of originality in your day, these sneakers will make you shine like a black diamond. Enter the era of comfort and style with these unique sneakers.