Time Studs


The Black Amphibians with Studs are a statement of style and personality for those looking for a bold and distinctive shoe. These boots are the ideal solution for those who are determined and have no doubts about their look.

The removable studded band is a unique detail that adds grit and personality to the design. This feature allows you to customize your look to your liking, allowing you to alternate between a more rebellious and a more elegant style. The lace-up model offers a wide range of fit options, while the easy on-and-off tabs make them practical and comfortable. The round toe adds durability, while the thick sole offers exceptional support.

The textured, non-slip outsole is designed to provide secure traction on any surface, allowing you to walk with confidence wherever you go. With a sole height of 10cm, these combat boots add height and bold style to your look.

With a model that extends at the top, these Black Studded Combat Boots are perfect for those looking for a touch of rebellion and an image of confidence.

As for care, simply wipe these amphibians with a cloth to keep them in perfect condition. The high-quality matte leather upper and genuine leather interior ensure long-lasting durability and comfort.

The shoe fits slightly narrower, ensuring a secure and snug fit.

The Black Amphibians with Studs are ideal for completing a bold and unique look. Whether you wear them for a special outing or to express your personal style, these combat boots are the ideal choice for those looking for a touch of grit and rebellion in fashion, with a touch of personality.