Green Akoya Sandal


Discover Elegance with Akoya Sandalwood: The Refinement of Pearls meets Italian Art

Daydream with our new summer gem, the Akoya Sandal . Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Akoya pearls , this Italian artisan masterpiece brings with it an aura of timeless luxury and a feeling of sophisticated grace.

The upper, embellished with precious pearls, captures the essence of purity and elegance, transporting you to a world of refined beauty. Each pearl has been carefully selected and crafted with skill to create an effect of light and luminosity, giving your feet a touch of opulence and glamour.

The fabric buckle, delicately woven, adds a touch of freshness and originality, underlining the uniqueness of this exclusive sandal. Every detail reflects the attention to detail and commitment to artisan excellence, typical of the Made in Italy brand.

Wearing the Akoya Sandal means embracing not only timeless style, but also the pride of supporting the tradition and mastery of Italian artisans. Made with passion and dedication, this sandal is a tribute to the art and beauty that characterize our country.

Get ready to experience a summer of pure elegance and style with the Akoya Sandal . Each step will be an ode to femininity and elegance, as you immerse yourself in the luxurious sweetness of pearls and Italian craftsmanship. With the Akoya Sandal , your charm will be timeless, as will the beauty of the pearls that adorn your feet.