Pop it Baby

$115.00 $164.00
The Pop It Super Leggera sneakers for boys are the ideal shoe for little ones, designed to offer comfort and style in a single solution. These sneakers are the perfect choice for boys and girls who want a fashionable look, combined with a comfortable fit.

This model is loved by all children thanks to its POP IT mania, making it the favorite among games and current trends. The super vibrant coloring catches attention and adds a touch of joy to every step. The shoe is designed to be super comfortable for your children, allowing them to run and play with agility.

The model is super light, making it easier for little ones to move. Furthermore, the easy-to-thread loop makes it easy to put on, saving time and effort. The sock-effect ankle offers a secure and comfortable fit, avoiding annoying chafing.

The molded sole ensures stability and support, ensuring a safe and comfortable walk. Caring for these sneakers is simple, just wipe them with a damp cloth or sponge to keep them fresh and clean.

An important detail is that the inside of these sneakers is made of 100% high-quality fabric, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel for children's feet. The Pop It Super Leggera sneakers are the perfect choice for parents who want to give their little ones fashionable and comfortable footwear, suitable for every adventure.