Pink gift card

The PINK Personalized Gift Card is an adorable gift that puts the recipient at the center of attention. With a value of €49.99, this card offers a special opportunity to choose from a variety of trendy products.

The card will be personalized with the name and surname of the person who will receive this affectionate thought, making the gift even more personal and warm. Furthermore, the necessary credentials will be provided to use the amount on the Official Website, where they will find a selection of trendy products.

It is important to underline that this Gift Card is valid exclusively on the Official Website, guaranteeing the recipient the possibility of choosing authentic and fashionable products. The card will be sent to the address indicated and will also be personalized with the specified name and surname, making the gift unique in every aspect.

The Gift Card is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, allowing the recipient to take the time to select the items they want. This Pink Gift Card is the perfect way to demonstrate affection and consideration in an elegant way, allowing the recipient to express their personality through their style and choice of products.