White L.Lurex suit

New Gioselin Spring 2024

In the fresh breeze of spring, Gioselin's new collection for 2024 emerges, with its irresistible outfit characterized by a mix of contemporary style and timeless comfort.

At the center of attention this season, we find the outfit composed of a 100% cotton shirt and light fleece shorts, perfect for embracing the first days of warmth with a touch of refined elegance. The choice of cotton gives the shirt an inexhaustible sensation of softness and freshness, while the light fleece of the shorts promises enveloping comfort that accompanies every movement with lightness.

The new Gioselin logo , expertly embroidered on the shirt, represents the emblem of timeless elegance and distinctive style. This detail not only adds a touch of exclusivity to the outfit, but also testifies to the dedication to quality and originality that distinguishes the brand.

Another element that catches attention are the lurex laces , delicately woven around the collar of the shirt and the shorts, adding a touch of sparkle and glamor to an already impeccable look. These laces not only highlight the attention to detail, but also add a touch of lively dynamics to the ensemble, elevating it from simple clothing to a real style statement.

The suit is sold with both pieces , offering the possibility of creating coordinated outfits in the blink of an eye, without giving up timeless elegance. The model pictured is wearing size S, highlighting the impeccable fit and versatility of this ensemble.