White Dream T-Shirt

Dream big with Gioselin: The new cotton T-shirt with "Dream" writing and glitter logo

Gioselin surprises us once again with his latest spring masterpiece: the 100% cotton T-shirt, enriched with a "Dream" writing and a sparkling glitter logo. This garment combines the comfort of cotton with the elegance and dreamy spirit of the design.

The T-shirt, made with the best cotton available, envelops the body with softness and lightness, offering unparalleled comfort. The S size worn by the model enhances the shape and silhouette, creating a feminine and sophisticated look.

The centerpiece of the design is the writing "Dream", printed with elegant characters and embellished with a luminous glitter effect. This evocative word inspires you to dream big and pursue your goals with determination and passion. The Gioselin logo, also made of glitter, adds a touch of glamor and sophistication, completing the look with style.

This T-shirt is the ideal garment to express your bold and dreamy personality during Spring. Perfect for any occasion, from a walk in the city to a picnic in the park, it adds a touch of magic and positivity to your outfit. It is a versatile garment that adapts to every situation, always guaranteeing a unique and captivating style.

Whether you're looking for a way to express your creativity or simply want to add a touch of sparkle to your spring wardrobe, the Gioselin "Dream" Glitter Logo T-shirt is the perfect choice. Dream big and embrace the positive spirit of Spring with Gioselin.