Spotted Sandal


Elevate your style with the Jewel Spotted Sandal, an icon of elegance and sophistication from Gioselin's Italian collection

With its spotted print upper and a glittering buckle with jeweled details, this sandal embodies the boldness and glamor of summer.

Expertly crafted in Italy, every detail reflects the craftsmanship and quality that characterize our brand. Every step is a style statement, a tribute to Italian fashion that conquers the world.

Whether you're in the city or on vacation, this sandal is the perfect choice to express your distinctive personality and passion for fashion. Let the spotted print add a touch of wild charm to your outfit, while the jewel-detailed buckle catches the eye with its luxurious shine.

Don't give up on quality and style: choose the Gioselin Spotted Jewel Sandal and let yourself be transported into a world of timeless elegance, 100% made in Italy.