Light Folie Silver

It is with joy and pride that we present to you the latest expression of Italian craftsmanship: the Folie Silver Sneakers, a true masterpiece of style and refinement in our new Gioselin 2024 collection. This model, characterized by silver details, embodies the excellence and innovation that only Italy can offer.

The Folie Silver Sneakers are the result of meticulous work and an unparalleled passion for design. Every detail has been carefully designed, every reflection of light on the silver surface captures attention and enchants the eyes. Wearing these sneakers means immersing yourself in a world of refined luxury and timeless style.

But the Folie Silver Sneakers are not limited to their stunning aesthetics: they are designed to ensure maximum comfort and superior performance. Our attention to quality and innovation is reflected in the impeccable fit and anatomical support, allowing you to tackle every day with comfort and style.

This extraordinary model is part of our iconic Gioselin 2024 collection, a tangible demonstration of our commitment to cutting-edge fashion. The Folie Silver Sneakers embody the DNA of our Light must-have, reinvented in a silver interpretation that adds a note of modernity and luxury.

It is with great pride that we can say that each pair of Folie Silver Sneakers is completely "Made in Italy". This label is not only a guarantee of provenance, but represents the embodiment of high-quality Italian craftsmanship. Every detail is crafted by skilled craftsmen, with a commitment that reflects centuries of tradition and perfection.