New Animal Print Tracksuit



We're excited to introduce our latest collection of tracksuits, perfect for tackling autumn and winter in style and comfort. This season, we have created a unique jumpsuit, which combines the sophistication of the leopard print with the iconic Gioselin brand on the front, making it an authentic must-have for fashion lovers.

The Leopard Pattern is a timeless classic that continues to dominate catwalks and streets around the world. This time, we've added our signature touch, combining it with our Gioselin logo on the front of the suit. The result is a garment with sophisticated elegance, capable of capturing the attention of anyone who passes by you.

In addition to the attractive design, we focused on the quality of the materials used. The Gioselin A/W 2024 Tracksuit is made with fine fabrics and attention to detail to ensure maximum comfort and an impeccable fit. Every stitch has been expertly done to ensure the garment will withstand any adventures that daily life may present.

This collection of tracksuits was designed with bold men and women in mind, who are not afraid to express their personality through their clothing. With the Gioselin A/W 2024 Tracksuit, you will have the opportunity to experience uncompromising style, combining contemporary fashion with the timeless elegance of the leopard pattern.