Green Leopard Snake

$232.00 $290.00
New Limited Edition with Leopard Inserts : We proudly present the "Snake" collection by Gioselin for 2024, with an extraordinary limited edition that incorporates leopard inserts. Each pair of these shoes features details inspired by the beauty and boldness of leopards, adding a touch of nature and mystery to the design. These leopard inserts make each pair of "Snake" a true masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, combining the luxury and craftsmanship of high fashion with a wild and unique aesthetic.

"Snake" by Gioselin: A Combination of Italian Elegance and Audacity

Design and Material : Each pair of "Snake" shoes is the result of careful craftsmanship carried out by expert Italian shoemakers. Using only the highest quality materials, we have created a long-lasting and comfortable product. The upper is made of carefully selected Italian materials to guarantee impeccable comfort, while the leopard inserts add an element of surprise and beauty. The double and intertwined laces have been designed to give a touch of originality and versatility to the shoe, allowing you to personalize your look in a unique way.

Style and Versatility : The "Snake" shoes are perfectly suited to any occasion, from casual chic to elegant gala evenings. Their distinctive design is ideal for those who wish to stand out with class, expressing their individuality. Whether you pair them with a tailored suit or a more informal outfit, these shoes will always be the focal point of your style. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to interpreting fashion with "Snake" shoes.

Made in Italy: Gioselin is synonymous with Italian artisan excellence, and the "Snake" shoes are a prime example of what makes our brand unique. Every detail of the shoes is taken care of with love and dedication.

"Snake" shoes represent the future of Italian fashion, combining artisanal heritage with the boldness of modern design. Discover your wild soul with these extraordinary footwear, and feel confident making your mark wherever you go. Let yourself be won over by the timeless beauty and impeccable quality of Gioselin's "Snake" shoes. The 2024 collection awaits you, ready to transform the way you experience fashion. Be ready to embrace your boldness, one step at a time.