Chunky Jewel Grey

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Jewel Sneakers: Luxury, Style and Brilliance in a Single Package

Our Jewel Sneakers are the symbol of luxury and timeless style. With a sleek design and a touch of sparkle, these sneakers are a stunning accessory for those looking for a premium look.

Jewelry Accessory Included:
Each pair of Gioiello sneakers includes a unique jewel accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to your look. This detail sets these sneakers apart and makes you shine.

Made to buy:
These sneakers are made to be worn with pride. Whether you want them for a casual look or for a special outing, these sneakers are ready to meet your expectations.

Low profile design:
The low profile design offers a sleek, contemporary look, perfect for those looking for a touch of class in their outfits.

Lace-up model:
The lace-up model offers the possibility of customizing the fit to your liking, ensuring optimal comfort.

Padded ankle:
The padded ankle provides extra support and comfort, making these sneakers ideal for long walks and active days.

Characteristic Gioselin logo:
The Gioselin logo is a symbol of quality and style, ensuring your choice of high-class products.

Reinforced tip:
The reinforced toe protects your sneakers and your feet from impacts, keeping them in optimal condition over time.

Durable rubber sole:
The rubber outsole is durable and designed to last, no matter what challenges you encounter.

The platform gives these sneakers a unique and fashionable touch, adding a little height and style to your step.

Sculpted sole feature:
The sculpted outsole offers superior traction, ensuring you can tackle any terrain with confidence.

Keeping these sneakers in great condition is a breeze. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth or sponge to make them shine like new.

- Matte split upper for a touch of elegance.
- Sole: 100% rubber.
- Upper: 72% real leather, 28% other materials.

Choose our Jewel Sneakers for a mix of luxury, style and brilliance. They will be the perfect accessory for your special occasions, making you shine with every step.




  • Made to be purchased

  • Low profile design

  • Lace-up model

  • Padded ankle

  • Characteristic Gioselin logo

  • Reinforced tip

  • Durable rubber sole

  • Plateau

  • Characteristic sculpted sole


Clean with a damp cloth or sponge


Matte split upper

Sole: 100% rubber. Upper: 72% real leather, 28% other materials.