Nill Glitter Black

$148.00 $212.00

Elevate your style with these black sneakers, characterized by black glitter details that make them unique. The black sole offers an elegant and sophisticated look, in perfect harmony with the black glitter shimmer that adds a touch of mystery and glamor to every step. This low profile lace-up style is ideal for adapting to a variety of outfits, while the padded tongue and hem provide extra comfort all day long.

The leather back adds a touch of durability and class, while the perforated GIOSELIN logo adds a distinctive detail to the overall design. The rubber outsole is designed to resist wear and offers excellent traction thanks to its knurled anti-slip surface.

For care, these sneakers are easy to keep in perfect condition. Just clean them with a damp cloth or sponge and they will shine like new again. Inside, the lining is made of 100% leather, ensuring comfort and breathability. The outsole is also made of 100% rubber, offering durability and robustness.

In summary, these black sneakers with black glitter details are the ideal choice for those looking for a touch of elegance and glamor in their wardrobe. Wear them and get ready to make a fashion statement on any occasion.