Joia Pink

$134.00 $222.00

Welcome to the Gioselin 2024 shoe collection, We are excited to present to you our latest jewel, the "JOIA" model, a work of art of refined design and timeless elegance.

After the triumph achieved by the famous "Chunky Gioiello" model, we are pleased to launch its evolution: the new "Joia". This shoe represents the perfect balance between class, style and innovation. With jeweled accessory details and an irresistible shine, the Joia will capture the attention of anyone who approaches it.

Each pair of Joia shoes has been carefully crafted by Italian master shoemakers, known for their dedication and perfection in creating high-quality footwear. The attention to detail and the choice of the best leathers and materials give these shoes extraordinary comfort, making them perfect for any occasion.

The elegant and contemporary design of the Joia pairs perfectly with its practicality and versatility. Whether you want to wear it on a special occasion or for a walk in the city, this shoe will always be the ideal accessory to complete your look with a touch of class and refinement.

Furthermore, the pride in being completely "Made in Italy" reflects our dedication to supporting local craftsmanship and carrying on the tradition of producing high-quality footwear in our country.

The new Gioselin 2024 collection is synonymous with elegance, style and Italian craftsmanship. We are sure that the Joia will soon become your favorite shoe and an icon of fashion design. Don't miss the opportunity to live the experience of wearing a true Italian masterpiece on your feet. You are invited to discover the Gioselin 2024 collection and be fascinated by the timeless charm of Joia.